Toe overlap

I really hate it. I’ve got to do something about it. It’s less of a problem on my roadie (Fuji Newest 2) because it has a curved fork but my HASA SS has a straight fork and I keep hitting my toes on slow speed turns. When you’ve turned the fork and then jam your toe while bringing it back straight then you’re screwed.

The SS has these generic one size fits all toe clips and straps but I’m only a size 6 shoe so is it possible to buy some smaller toe clips? Would those velcro straps like SkinGrowsBack or frs-strapons-by-bogear be the answer? I don’t want to spend $55 and still have the problem.

Maybe I just have to go with a bigger bike next time.

If you are running it as a Single Speed, don’t pedal when turning and you won’t hit the wheel…

If you are running fixed, then that’s what happens on small/tight frames. If you are only a size 6, get some Medium or Small MKS toe clips and switch them over.

With the SGB or BO Gear straps, you’ll need to get BMX pedals as well.

Out of curiosity. How tall are you/what size frame.

size of the bike is not what determines toe overlap, and if he’s in a sz6 shoe, he aint gonna be no giraffe, so going up a frame size won’t help there either, its a geometry thing. toe overlap is like a STI, once you’ve got it, you can’t get rid of it, and the itching doesn’t stop when you change your undies.

First world problem.

maybe try smaller tire in the front as well as smaller clips.


You can measure the over lap on my tarck bike in inchs, my friends r3sl cervelo roadie has it too…
Man up you’ll get used to it. Stop trying to turn the bike at low speed, lean it instead, that’s what I have to do on my fixie, you’ll adapt, you just need to master the situation :wink:

uh, this?

there are no dumb questions, but this question is one of the dumbest ever asked on this forum.

Foot surgery. It’s the only answer.

Sell that track bike. Buy this:

camel toe is first world problems, this is just being a pussy

deal with it.jpg

Track bikes are designed for the track not for hipsters. You’ll get used to it bro

164cm tall and a 50cm frame.

Yeah sure there are plenty of ways to cope and I’ve been doing that for years but I was wondering if there was a solution.

Sometimes you can’t stop pedalling, try that uphill 180 after the Prince’s underpass on northbank heading east. If you stop pedalling then you stop.

I’ll take that as a challenge, I reckon I can go dumberer yet.

the only solution, get a road fork and change your clips.

to quote mckenny: brb suicide.

Mmm try a recumbent,

You could try BOGear or SGB straps on BMX flat pedals as they don’t have a cage on the front making the pedal longer.
With these straps you can slide your foot back on the pedal when doing a tight slow turn and mostly get away with the overlap.
Failing this, deal with it!

You could try shoes like chrome with egg beaters,
Most good road bikes even have toe overlap.
Actually all of my bikes do and even my wife’s.

A little overlap is OK. You can drop the heel on your outside foot or ease the turn as the outside foot comes forward. A lot of toe overlap is downright dangerous when you’re just starting at traffic lights or weaving slowly through traffic. Since the late 70s, all my bikes have had overlap. My Hoffy track-bike which placed 2nd or 3rd in the Australian Sprint C’ship '76 (Previous Owner) has significant but manageable overlap for the road. The cheap Bianchi roadbike my wife commutes on has horrible, intrusive overlap and my 2 Soma Rush 55cm frames have perfect overlap where my size 10 feet occasionally touch the 23 tyre but it never is enough to matter. We have a 48cm Frezoni track frame that is scaaary for overlap - even getting started in a race on the velodrome. Whether a fork is straight or curved - it’s the rake and how that effects front-centres, along with shoe-size, how far forward your foot is on the pedal and what crank length you use that matter. I use 165 for clearance and spin reasons.

Whilst your username is awesome, I do too much dry reading to even look at that much text in a single block. All the cool kids rock paragraphs.