Toe Strap Recommendations

Hey Folks, I have been using some Shimano M324 Combination pedals on my ride for a while now as it gives me the versatility to do a shop and food run rather than taking the car.

Generally I commute to work with MTB SPD’s but I want to throw on some straps for a change which will also be helpful when I am riding with normal shoes.

Could you guys make some recommendations on Brands worth a look at and possible places to source them ?

Thanks in advance.

Personally, doubles are more comfortable and Toshi Doubles FTW! Otherwise, Wiggle have Cinelli doubles for $50. Or the FUBAR cheapies via ebay.

I use Cadence doubles + Cages but if straps and clips aren’t your thing and just want straps some common ones are:

Hold Fast
BO Gear
Fyxation Gates

Yea MKS / toshi etc doubles are all good. MKS deep toe cages make a noticable difference if you don’t mind the toverlap.

Cheers for the responses guy’s much appreciated as always.

Just ordered a pair of BO Gear FRS Strap On’s :slight_smile:

Hey there folks, my BO FRS straps arrived but they won’t fit onto my Shimano Pedals, so I thought I would revive this thread with the hope to get a Pedal recommendation from you guys as well.

So hit me up with what you currently use and recommend.


Fyxation Mesa seem to be a pretty safe bet for those going platforms.

Odyssey BMX pedals.

Trail Mix or Twisted PC ?

They look pretty sweet :slight_smile:


Have used, friends do use, and would use these pedals again.

Not really any different to the Fyxation mesa’s though.

Nice I will investigate both, the Fyxation Mesa’s look better quality but I am not sure if that’s the case. Anyone had both of these bad boys ?

Twisted PC are the way to go

I guess its 2 - 1 to the Twisted PC 's I will grab a pair.


Twisted PCs are plastic & thick and have unsealed bearings.

Mesa MPs are plastic with steel pins and thin and have sealed bearings. Mesa FP for alloy body.

The Mesas cost more but will last longer unless you’re pedal grinding them to death. Plus they get you closer to the pedal axle

Haha well that advice is about 10 mins too late, I ordered a set of Twisted PCs. No biggy if they are crap I will buy some Mesa’s instead but for now ill see how the Odessey’s go.

Cheers anyhow

Purchase Animal BPEs. They are the tits.

Bit late, but I figured I’d chime in.

I have some Fyxation Mesa MP’s and I really like them. Very grippy and the wide platform is ace. I like the low profile on them too. They are super big compared to my last ones, so I’m more cautious of pedal strike but I think its mostly in my head.

The feel sturdy to me. The black paint is pretty susceptible to scratches, which might bum some people out. One of the pedals has spins more freely than the other (If I spin it by hand, it will spin a few rotations and make a squirk sound vs the other which spins only half a rotation and is smoother/silent. I don’t notice it at all while riding though, just something I noticed when I spun it by hand. It’s possibly a user error, I might have put them on a bit too tight or perhaps banged them some how, they were both the same “smooth heavy rotation” when I bought em.

Important to note that the nylon Mesa’s don’t have cutouts all the way though so you can’t fit straps on them. The metal (“MP”) versions will fit straps though.

I was using some generic toe-clip-without-the-clip pedals though, anything was an upgrade so its no surprise I like them. The Twisted’s were a bit too BMX for my bike.

Appreciate that, if I don’t like he Twisted PC’s I will have a look at the Mesa’s (Non Nylon as suggested) and the Animal pedals above :slight_smile: