Tokyo Bikes Opening 8/5

Haven’t seen this put up here yet, but got news of a new store opening up in Surry Hills:

Tokyo Bike opening

Hello friends and bicycle lovers
Please join us for sake and celebrations
The bikes have arrived

8 May
11.00am – 5.00pm

Tokyo Bike
1 Marys Place
Surry Hills
(on the right of the
Beresford Hotel)

Might be worth a look sometime during the day.

Also I have absolutely no affiliation, only caught wind of this when I was told by a bloke at BERN helmets that they’d be a stockist. May be a way to find some nice japanese parts in sydney.

Thanks for the tip, I might drop by.

did anyone go?

heard is was a bit rubbish…

Tokyo Bike Shop Sydney on Vimeo it has a soundtrack of something akin to seals mating.

2:00 in - does that saddle say “Rim Project”?

Holly fuck has it really got to a point when thats considered a bike shop.

Just quietly, when my living room ‘bike shop’ ‘dropped’ it had a better selection of parts than that.

I popped by yesterday but they were closed, I expected an array of NJS parts and cool shit but from what Blakey’s said it’s far from it?

*I hadn’t watched the video yet, self explanatory.


Holy kickstand batman!

yeh, just watched the vid. strange place. whats the target market?

Bike salmon!!!

Do they have Bern Helmets? I’m tempted to get one, but have a big ole noggin and buying off the interweb is fraught with the danger of disappointment.

Oh, the ethics of meandering into a shop, trying on a helmet, leaving after bleating some vagueries about ‘not today’ and then ordering it online and saving 40%.

wow, just saw the video. Doesnt look like I missed much…

Girlfriends you can’t be arsed to build a bike for.

Chris could be right!!

Lol. I was just watching that thinking “I could get rebecca one of those bikes”.

The only thing i could think of was “oh… that’s a shame.”. It looks almost like an expensive art project.