I will be taking my bike to South Korea & Japan next month and just wanted to know of peeps to ride with…

South Korea (Seoul & Daejeon) 26/07/2009-02/08/2009
Tokyo 02/08/2009-05/08/2009

Let me know if any of you guys are over there or if you know of any one who may be keen for a ride and a beer.


i think you would have had better luck posting this question to the fixie groups on Flickr.

make sure when in tokyo to check a few shops in tokyo for those questions
sexon peace near shibuya station, walk past shibuya 109 and up yamata street.

which is in the middle of shibuya and harajuku, just off the main street between the two subs, around the corner from the ROXY store,on the corner

: W-base and :Carnival up stairs
is off the main streets in a alley way off the main street between shibuya and harajuku and shinjuku just near a little garden park near a train over pass
and last
FIG bike: go to harajuko station head down same street as train (away from harajuko and the madness) and head towards the deisel store (fork in the road where deisel is) turn left and fig bike on left/
all these places have messengers coming andgoing and will help you for rides
hope this helps

Also, round the corner from Sexon is Dreamworks. Tiny shop, amazing stuff (expensive though). Don’t bother with Punch (I didn’t see anything amazing in there that as actually for sale). Tokyo Hands in Shibuya has a lot of fixed stuff too. Carnival is okay, mainly European stuff.

For riders, Carnival, W-Base and Sexon would be you best bet. Or just look for dudes on fixed’s, I saw a lot in Shibuya.