Tommasini fixed....

tommasini 15th year… fixed…
size 53cm
miche supertype 27.2
carrera saddle france
cinelli stem
3t champion del mundo bar
campy record h.set
paul crank 170mm x 48t
hpluson eero(chromed)rims
eighthinch cog/lockring

Nice frame
Want to swap me for my Bridgestone.
All the cool kids ride njs

Tape yo bars… Other than that it’s nice.

I love this but there would be a few things personally I would change:

  • Bar tape (colour?)
  • Rolls/Brooks/Concor saddle (colour?)
  • Get rid of the white chain
  • Gumwall tyres
  • (I would probably change the straps to clips as well but I’m supposing you ride this On the street so straps seem appropriate)

Saying this… It’s YOUR bike so you should make it how YOU want.

yup…that’s right…it’s my bike and i like the way it is…
can’t use toe clips…has a pedal overlap…it’s ruined my rims…i ride on the streets…b4 it has a brooks alp’de huez saddle…the fit is too close to the bars…tnx.

I only just noticed its a conversion,

i hate these dildo bars, can still hear dayne’s heart sinking when he saw this ^^

That’s the first time I’ve seen a dildo bar X brooks collabo.

Wanna sell the brooks cheap?

lovely frame, will buy if you tire of it!

Probably sounded the same as mine.

whoa, welcome to 2006!

conversion + 170mm cran length…much pedal strike?

my advice is to store the frame and get something cheap and track geo for your street riding. Visps are pretty cool and will suit your saddle, chain and maybe even your cranks.


There’s a $2K NJS bike in the forsale forum to complete the time warp.

Good for carrying drugs (just sayyin’)

i got 99 problems but cattying drugs ain’t one of em.

in this luscious brisbane humidity carrying both beers and water is proving to be quite the quandary, bags are just NOT an option either

I’m thinking cattying drugs sounds kinda interesting. Poor kitty :frowning:

I chundered into my mouth a little…