Tommasini Multishape.

So i finally cleaned it and took a few shots.
1991 Tommasini Columbus ms Diamante. 54x54
Group- Chorus 10 speed
Wheels- Campagnolo vento g3
Seatpost- Dura Ace 25mm looking for a nice campy one
Headset- Campagnolo record
Stem- Pantographed Cinelli Xa
Bars- Cinelli Criterium.

Plan is build a carbon or titanium roadie and put ergo c-record on this with shamal’s.

my left nut for one please, stunner.


Porn, give us some detail shots of the tubing and lugs please!

wow! That’s is stunning. Love the paint and chrome! It looks in perfect condition:)

I think this could be the winner of this thread.>


I will get some detail shots for yu guys soon the lug work is mental.

New wheels, group, bars.
I now love it more

Wow. Just wow.

Wicked lugs.

Very nice … and my size :wink:

The only reason Tommasini’s aren’t regarded more than they are is because they were a house brand of Colorado Cyclist which is/was a large US mail order/catalogue retailer (pre-interwebs). They were better than some of the bigger names but because they were always available for considerably $'s less people thought less of them. Wasn’t always the way. They started off pricey, but then they kept selling more and pricing them less. A few years ago (around 1999) you could get a frame and fork for $899 (sometimes even less) and a full build with Ultegra for something like $1400. Only now are they coming back in value.

Unfortunately, here in oz they were neither cheap nor readily available. They always have nice details and obvious quality.

Entertaining interview with Irio Tommasini in Rouleur 32. Apparently you should never pay less than 12 euros a litre for olive oil, and ideally buy it from Sting’s place for 25!

Was not aware of this, I always assumed they were super exclusive.

you assume a lot of things Horation


very nice bike

thanks for the info spirito!

They were (elsewhere world wide) and also to start with in the US, but as with anything that becomes popular and readily available they lost a little “unobtainium’ness” for a few years. Good buying a little while ago and now they’ve been creeping up in price and getting the respect the deserve again.

I love Tommasini’s, and this bike is one of the reasons why. The new wheels are a worthy addition, but I would prefer the older classic-bend bars than the ergo ones. Either way, this is a beautiful bike. I would hold on to it and pass it on to my kids.

Thanks guys,
The rouler mag article is great,
The part about olive oil is classic.

He also states somthing along the lines that most frame builders around the world are more backyard hobbyist rather than artist’s.

I love that Italian cockiness, all though it dosnt ring so true these days it did in the late 80’s-90’s .

This period is all about showing off in paint, chrome, lug work, the lot.

This and my Tommasini pista are keepers I’d say as when I hang them up I just love to look at them,
But don’t get me wrong I love to ride them too.

The diamanté came in a Colorado cyclist edition that is pretty ugly in my opinion and this is by far my favorite colour.

I will post up the pista as soon as I get some time to get proper photos.

The ergo bars are just a better fit for brifters but these ones are pretty flexy do I’m on the look out for a nicer pair.
But untill then I have two many other things on the go.