Tommasini pista.

My dream frame.

Tommasini tecno pista limited edition en vente sur (fin le 12-sept.-11 12:59:45 Paris)

i approve dayne, buy eeettt!

Depending on the size you might have a hard time picking a colour. That blue metallic is my favourite.

Drilled front and rear.So these are more of a fashionable street tarck than a true track bike?
Hard to tell the geo from the pics.

rubbish. come on dayne, i know your desperate for a Tommasini but you can do better then these hipster machines. Not even legit pista’s.

holy moly, didnt even notice that. Only glanced at the chrome and paint from the little pic.

The frames are a bit plunging so they are still comfy to ride.

Is that a comment on the geo? i.e. slacker than track geo?

Yeah not a true pista but i want a good street bike some thing that will actually get ridden.
They are hipsters dreams but hey we ride track bikes on the street we are all dreaming.

I think he means the top tubes have a downwards slope

build it up with road drops, twin brakes and a nice matching track group with low pro rims and these will be far from “tarck” or hipster.

Nagasawa by wanderlustful, on Flickr

I cant find a pic of rene’s 3rensho but that is another lovely example of it being done.

Better than a clamp on thats for sure.

Like a pursuit frame? If so, I don’t see how that makes them more comfortable to ride. Anyway, the top tube looks quite level…

As 2joes2 shows… it would make a great commuter/trainer. They are beautiful frames and $1400 must be near wholesale price, give RRP is around $2500 (USD?) depending on model:

Even the sintesi is drilled, and same geo as the techo.

EDIT: 1,111 euro here:

Get two 53’s make a tall bike.
Here is the built bike from the shop.

Drilled yes, nice you bet.
Who wants to buy a full DA Bridgestone.

So they are a bit downward sloping… fuck knows why that makes it ‘more comfortable to ride.’ That’s BS.

The geo looks a bit off to me.

Could be that the tt is longer to avoid some overlap.
then uses a shorter head tube giving it a slight sloping tt.
Well thats my poor guess.

something’s NQR with the geo, I think it’s that the front end is a little long/slack. Lending to a very expensive pengy

Why is it that unless the wheels are 1mm from touching any of the tubes that the geo is considered slack? This bike has been designed for street use, not track, and I bet it handles a shit tonne better on the road then a bike with traditional track geometry. As Dayne said, a bit more fork rake will reduce toe overlap, plus I would wager that this extra rake will make the front end less twitchy and more forgiving on the road. I don’t understand the hate?


would totes buy to build as a street machine

It’s not the tyre clearance, it’s the HT angle, and the sloping TT seems to make them look slacker than they are, because the angle between TT and HT appears more open than a level TT with the same HT angle.

IMO, the only reason they’ve done a sloping top tube is for aesthetics - it’s hard to argue that a lower front end makes for a better street ride.

As for HT angle - I prefer steeper. Whenever I swap to my carbon roadie, I always feel like the steering is heavy due to the slacker HT.

I like a tight clearance so that when i go over potholes the tyre rubs the down tube. It feels good man.

I read it as meaning more comfortable than a full blown pursuit frame