Tommasini Prestige Pista (2012 FOA Readers Choice Award Winner)

So i have always wanted a Tommasini pista,

After checking ebay daily around the world for about two years this turned up in Adelaide of all places.
I sent the seller an Offer of $1000 BIN but he declined.

I ended up getting the shits with the auction and Spirito ended up winning it,
So he was a true gentleman and offered it to me at the same auction price.

Boyracer picked it up and boxed it really well for me and i fixed him up with some Booze funds.

I then sent the frame and the new Panto post to Joe Cosgrove to check it all over and clean out the seat tube to not damage the post.

The Parts i sourced from all over the place and built the wheels myself with a bit of help from Bender.

Frame: 54x54 Tommasini Prestige Pista
Cranks: Campagnolo record Pista 167.5
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Pista
Headset: Campagnolo steel record
Stem: Cinelli XA Tommasini Panto
Bars: Cinelli Pista
Seat post: Campagnolo fluted record Tommasini Panto
Wheels: Campy Record Pista laced with dt swiss comps to Campagnolo Lambda Strada
Tyres: Veloflex Record 22mm tubulars
Saddle: Concor

Tommasini Pista photo by daynegerous_2006 | Photobucket

IMG_0795-1.jpg photo by daynegerous_2006 | Photobucket

classy as fukk.

full profile shot please !!!

*edit - oops…first one, didnt even click on it …doh.

Goes alright.

Panto’d parts do it serious justice. Perfect build!

oh man, sooooo nice

Wow, that is beautiful.

holy shit, so good. ride that with pride


just wow! almost too pretty to be ridden.


Almost. But not.

That is one fine steed.

Italian NJS is the new black.

Weak knees… phew.

Thanks guys,
I rode this at track for a while and loved it.
It rides really nice but i got a little scared of crashing it so it mainly hangs up but i do drag it down for the odd ride now and then.

Very cool, very pretty.

Boyracer did all the hard work :wink: … and I’m glad it’s with someone who really cares about the marque and has done it up like it deserves.

BOTY just got a little harder.

needs less spokes, and more spok’

shit, son. very nice.

Very nice.
That is some crazy clearance upfront.


very nice man! love it