Tommasini Pursuit Cinelli stamped BB

TOMMASINI pursuit frame Vintage track pista Rare Cinelli SC | eBay

A few others for sale as well, that triple triangle is the business.

Tommasini air CX low profile time trial vintage prestige | eBay

this is not the same one that has been up on & off for months is it?

I don’t know… some of us are actually gainfully employed

lucky you can find the time to check the ebay thread, thought you’d be on a loop if you had a spare 20mins?

… did 3 yesterday

first time I’ve belted one at lunch time for a while - the minimal traffic is excellent but fuk me was it HOT!!!

yeah every day i get home early, which is most… i think about going for a ride, but its just so hot, might cruise one this arvo when it cools off a touch,

the pursuit is rad but that fork doesn’t look og, its drilled…