Tommy B's Lucas 29er Tourer

So my 29er finally got finished today, mix of zona, life and some random 4130 based loosely on my all city nature boy geo. Big thanks to andrew lucas for building me a sweet frame and sasha at pony for letting him build frames in her shop and being generally awesome. Rode it today for a bit and it rides so good. The wheelbase is ridiculuos and clearances are stupidly tight with 2.3s hence why it’s got a narrow wide and no fd. Jones loops are also really awesome.

Bit torn that I can’t ride it for ages still as Andrew’s taking it to Nepal tonight but I wont have time to ride it for a while anyways. Now just gotta decide if I want any more braze ons and whether I want to paint it considering it looks so good raw.

I’ll do a full parts and stuff once I have it in my possession but I’m just excited to shred this thing.

This. Is. Sick!

Fucking top work Tommy and Andrew. Pretty inspiring stuff.

Definitely paint ATMO eh. I know it’s tempting to keep those brazes exposed, but it’ll just lead to shit in the end, and it derserves better than that.

Rad to the power of 10,000! I’m curious about this fork crown and these fat tires.

Full marks on the background too :wink:

Saw this on the gram. Well rad.

So nice. Tell Patches I like this better than his track bike. This looks mean.

1 vote from me for raw finish.

As was I, where to find mtb lug?

Do this justice, apply paint.

Crown looks like D33 from Ceeway. I have one in my shed for a CX build (cos it was easy to get and can fit a 42mm tyre easy peasy).

Cheers! I reckon his trackbike is silly, just outta proportion. He was saying how much better this one is than his first so a few more and he’ll be all good.

Dunno exactly what fork crown it is but we ordered all the tubes from novacycles ages ago when the dollar was still going good. It does look like that D33 one though

Maybe I’ll hold off on buying a 29er until he’s taking orders, I’d love to have a frame with my name on it.

Right now the headtube logo is just drawn on with a sharpie…

Did he also Sharpie a #2 on the top tube? I have marked my name on a bike before.

Bike is ss’d ready for single speed nationals this weekend. Thanks to Sasha at Ponybikes the tubeless tyres and the brakes are working again after some hard kms in Nepal. Looking forward to finally actually riding it myself!

Actually a real question. Years ago I wrote my name and what number bike of mine it was on my top tube. I had Lucas #1 on my Mojo until it rubbed off from my legs hitting the TT.

Finally painted and for the time being singlespeeded for SSWC. Better actually go mountain biking this weekend after about 5 months of fairly limited riding.

Looking sweet as eh


Whole lot of good stuff going on here.
What’s the A-C of the fork?
Do you have any braze-ons on the fork?

Here’s a better picture.

From memory its around 400mm and it has mid eyelet braze ons and two sets at the axle.