Too Bigggg

yuck wtf is happening get as close to a disc wheel as you can without actually having a disc wheel :-o

what exactly dont u like about those kenny?? if chub hubs are your thing than whatevs??

im pretty sure zipp make many wheels that have shorter spokes that on that thing…

I am with you Ken.

I am no graphic designer or interior room specialist but I think they look out of balance - aesthetically speaking.

I’m with Kenny too, They look wack. Zipp 1080’s on the other hand :mrgreen:

as if bender, 1080’s look far more out of proportion that those wheels…

to me they seem MORE balanced, as the hub size more closely matches the rim size…

however kenny’s point seemed to be that the wheels are stupid as they may as well be a disk?? Going on that line of thought, 1080’s can only be MORE like disks due to looking at photos, have a smaller spoke length/less distance between rim and hub :wink:

but aesthetically speaking id have the chub/b43 over a 1080 anyday, least id be able to race on it :smiley:

they look stupid


and these dont look stupid marty? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

faaaaaaar too much rim not nearly enough hub going on here

Couldn’t disagree more. I think they should make 2080’s :stuck_out_tongue: 5mm of spoke would look good as.
Zips aren’t exactly intended as a fashion statement either(although they have certainly become one), they’re that deep for a reason. A-E-R-O

as kenny said, why not just run a disk wheel :stuck_out_tongue:

My main criticism with the Chub hub is that they aren’t any better than a conventional sized low/high flanged hub. The press release mentioned pseudo-scientific advantages why they were better, but I reckon it’s just horse shit.
Just because it looks beefy, doesn’t mean it’s any stronger… :expressionless:

B43 + Chub = really really heavy :frowning:

Unless you’re into Prolly type riding, this sort of wheelset is completely overkill and stupid. And if the wheel stands up to severe abuse, the forks will probably just snap [cue that youtube of that guys fork snapping…]

ill admitt, zipp make( well at least used to) awesome wheels. I myself raced on a set of 101’s(similiar to open pro’s) when i was racing road and they were great. but you saw the quality of the set of 1080’s at victors… questionable at best :P.

least they arnt as bad as those new HED3’s lance was using recently, EEEEEEEEEEWWWWW


good point, however no one doing tricks would even go near a chub hub, so although im standing up for it, there is no point to that rim other than aesthetics… which i dont mind :wink:

So it begs the question- what is the purpose of the Chub hub at all? :stuck_out_tongue:

out of interest, what do they say about chub hubs?? what are their advantages?

other than when paired with a B43 being a very nice even wheel :wink: hey marty :stuck_out_tongue:,3906.0.html

"Massive rear flanges mated to a mighty carbon tube increase torsional stiffness and fatigue life, minimize windup. Spoke stress is decreased 70% over conventional high flange hubs. "

function first, aesthetics second people… :lol:

i totally agree, my bikes built to my needs first, and looks 2nd :smiley:

but yeh, that press stuff sounds like a load, haha

on another note, YUK! :expressionless:

This from the guy who used to ride a potato :stuck_out_tongue: :evil:
Atleast a H3 has some use.