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Biggest load of shit I have ever read:

A lot of the fixed gear conversions you see on here are built from odds and ends and spare parts with one purpose, just to be sold. This bike is different, it was built to be ridden

Jesus, who spends $1000 on a Repco Traveller???

But it was built to be ridden!!11!!! Surely that’s worth a thousand bucks?

Turd alert!

my first decent bike was a repco traveller, the way my dad yelled at me about leaving it in the rain, or not looking after it, you’d think he’d paid $1000 for it, ahh good times.

he’d be better off parting it out. why would you spend that much on parts only to attach them to such a POS?

dig the unique bar setup on the Industrie though, I’m surprised he didn’t make it a selling point, it’s definitely one-of-a-kind!

sorry to dig up this thread, I’m not really sure what the deal is but I hope I’m not causing too much trouble. I’m here to do the brave/crazy thing and put my hand up (read: shoot myself in the foot)…

the pink repco traveller conversion is mine.

obviously, my target market when selling that bike was not the sort of person that uses this forum. I was, in effect, targeting the same sort of person that I was about 9 months prior when I built the thing, a bit of a noob. and it’s been said a million times, but we were all noobs at some stage, you guys were just ahead-of-the-curve noobs. I remember building the bike and going in to gear to get parts, and all I wanted was white things. I remember asking erik about straps and he suggested that I should wait a few weeks and pick up a pair of Brisbane outdoor gear straps, which were going to be better than anything else you could get at the time. but did they come in white?.. the cheap white single leather straps I bought lasted a few months, if that.

I’ve got my act together now, and I ride something much more practical, and with a minimal amount of colour coordination (I’ll put it up on here one day, don’t have a camera). I see guys now riding similar bikes to my old one, and remember how awesome it felt being totally engrossed in building one up, even though, in retrospect, you had no fucking idea what you were doing. I wouldn’t, however, anonymously rip on these guys on an internet forum, but each to their own (and hey, rip on me a bit more if it makes you feel good about yourselves)

so I’ve still got a nice repco traveller conversion sitting under the house if anyone’s interested…

So you were trying to sell overpriced stuff to beginners who don’t know better? Not sure whether that boosts your credibility man

^^ I was going to say that!!

look at this thing
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Actually… a lot of us did have a pretty good idea of what we were doing… and we were doing it because we wanted to build a decent bike and enjoy riding it.

What we didn’t do was whack a heap of shit together and try and sell it off at a hefty profit to noobs jumping on the bandwagon.

If members ripped on you, it’s because they didn’t agree with what you were doing. I don’t think anyone here does.