Tool ID

I think this is one of not many bike forums where a single member can ID every one of these tools:

Spirito, you post the next tool pic ID challenge.

  • Joel

3 x crank pullers
2 x 15mm wheel nuts spanner
11 x bottom bracket tools
1 x chain ring bolt spanner
2 x free wheel tools
1 x spoke tool/ bottle opener/ bb spanner

and a pair opf green plyers for BB


some of those are freewheel tools.

I’m assuming they’re like a pin spanner for BB’s.

i reckon they’re all different shaped hammers

hellicomatic freewheel tool with built in bottle oppener, those french were way ahead of teh curve on that one :stuck_out_tongue:

What are the two plug like things bottom right of picture?

It’s pretty thin steel, not for everyday bottle opening. Classic Rendezvous conventions or for ironic use during alleycats.

  • Joel

If you can’t name the specific type your entry in Joel’s Tool ID Contest doesn’t count.

I can see:
Spare pins for a Park chain tool
6 lug Sq taper BB tool (like AC-S/AC-H)
Pin spanner for BB adjustment
2 lug multi speed freewheel tool eg Suntour
4 lug multi speed freewheel tool eg Suntour
4 lug single speed freewheel tool
4 lug White Industries freewheel tool.
Shimano cassette lockring tool
Campy cassette lockring/BB, Miche BB tool
Malliard Helicomatic freewheel pocket tool
Square taper (std/TA/Stronglight) / Octalink crank pullers
Park ‘peanut butter’ 15mm wrench
Crank bolt spanner
Shimano spline BB tool
Shimano external BB preload / cup tool
Shimano chainring bolt tool

Some splined freewheel removers that I can’t identify without resorting to google.
And a couple of others I can’t ID.

I think there is also a phil bb tool and one of the freewheel tools is regina, another I’m pretty sure is bmx specific?

Only two to go, one oldish and European, the other newish (but not newest!) and Japanese, plus the Pedros threaded thing on the left, for holding BB tools onto BBs while you get the Big Shifter.

Well done Blakey for IDing the Stronglight side of the crank puller, and JK for the Regina/Sachs/Atom freewheel removal tool.

The silver and blue spanners are both Park Cotterless Crank Wrenches CCW14 and CCW15 of different eras. There’s also a silver CCW16 which is staying in its packaging to maintain resale, until I actually need to remove a Zeus crankarm.

  • Joel

All I see is a bunch of obsolete tools… where’s the external BB tool?? :slight_smile:

in another drawer :slight_smile:

  • Joel

Nice… tools and toolbox. Impressed with the size
I really want to get one of those forged Park headset tools.

The big 8-sided one? Very impressive. Yet to use it on a headset, however. I’ve wanted to, but it doesn’t seem to fit anything.

The partly-shaded Cyclus fixed cup removal tool is the single greatest item for performing 10 speed > fixie conversions. Removal of the seized drive-side BB cup is the single most queried stage of the conversion, behind chainline adjustment, according to my cycleforums Bots.

  • Joel

Shouldn’t it have been a corkscrew?

difficult to stamp an effective corkscrew out of 1.5mm steel sheet.

  • Joel

Sorry, late to the party here. Very impressed … there’s a few that I wouldn’t have picked including the helicomatic tool (doh!). What’s the big round one just above it? And I didn’t even know Park made a “peanut butter” wrench. Cool !!

I don’t have any pics of my random odd tools except for obvious one’s … I’ll try to get a pic sometime.

BTW, the pics look like they are outdoors (in the shade for the main one). Sunny workshop or shed or mobile mechanic?

Oh,… I thought this thread was somehow related to Prolly’s icarus thread, as he’s turning out to be one of the biggest tools on the internet.

My bad, move along nuthin to see here.

There’s not anything I’d ID as a peanut butter wrench, I believe that was referring to the 15mm Sugino/Campagnolo crank wrench.

There’s also a Maillard freewheel remover (very similar in size to splined BB tool) and a shimano m970 crank remover.

Workshop currently mobile.

  • Joel