Tool kits

I’m after a decent quality basic bike-tool kit but don’t want to spend $300 on a ParkTools kit,

What’s everyone think bout this:

There’s a toolkit on torpedo7 that got me started. Its currently about $150, but its periodically on sale for $90 or so which is awesome value. I’ve then slowly upgraded tools / replaced tools as necessary.

Found it:—98600

I don’t think I’d buy it for that, but if you can wait till its next on sale (every couple of months or so), I think its worth it.

I think you are better off building one up as you need it. Some cheap bike specific tools tools will work for a while, especially where tolerance isn’t as important. But things like chain whips and c spanners- don’t even waste your time on the rubbish.

I agree you better to buy good quality tools when and where you need them rather than buy a tool kit. Pick and mix from the diff brands everybody has their plus’s and minus’s. Tell us what you need maybe we can give you tips on what to buy try Jenson U.S.A it’s good for park tools.

cheap tools cost you too much in the long run.

go the cheap toolkit, i’ve had a $70 for 4 years, and when i bought it i didn’t know what ha;f the things were for, i’ve used every one of them now. the convenience of having stuff right there when you end up needing it, is better then realising one day you need a freewheel remover and don’t have one because you didn’t buy stuff for road bikes. i broke the chain link tool splitting a motorcycle cam chain, but that was asking a lot of it.
a couple of things i ended up buying separately, spoke keys, pin spanner and chainring bolt tool. normally in every instance i would say buy the more expensive tools, but if you only use them every couple of weeks, and keep everything on the bike lubed, turn everything the right way, then i can’t see any reason why it would be a bad buy.

i got a torpedo 7 tool kit and it is awesome i do all my own work it is missing a few things
Shimano bb tool and torque wrench a tooth brush and over sized crank arm extractor( XTR and hollow tech 2)

i just build up the collection as i need it, always get decent tools and never have any problems. doesnt feel like your spending all that much when your getting bit by bit anyway

thread revival.

just wondering what you ended up going for Riff Raff? the link you posted has those kits for $72 plus about $21 postage.

just bought a new frame and am looking to build it up over winter. thinking i’ll need some tools and this seems like a decent kit to get me started.

understand the motto “buy cheap, buy twice” but doubt i’ll need the majority of tools more than a few times, but will inevitably need them at some point.



That looks pretty good as a start. You need to expect that for each of your bikes there will be at least one extra tool that you need for say the BB or to take the cluster off or straighten the derailleur hanger (oops wrong forum for that tool!!) or whatever, and that it will be about $20 or $30 average. Still heaps cheaper than visiting the LBS all the time. There are some thing like BB facing tools that you will never justify for just yourself though.

+1 for torpedo7 tool kit. got mine on the 90$ sale thing as mentioned…but i should mention that the plastic tire lever broke on the first use.

Unless you want to a bike mechanic -go the cheap gear.
I bought myself a Jam N Fix tool kit (tiawan)2yrs ago for $50 at its got most stuff you need apart from cone spanners I recommend 13,14,15,16mm and a bench vice for your ceased cups. All good except for the crap tyre levers.

Some of us plan on keeping our tools forever, so buying cheap shit doesn’t exactly cut it.
The cheap tools I have bought in the past have always broken though, like chain breakers and the socket set I got for one of my birthdays as a kid which was supposed to stop me using dads tools.

I got a kit off ebay, $40 and its got most of the quirky stuff you need, chainwhip, chaintool Alans etc, buy an angle grinder and some steel and make your own tools!

I got a “Union” bike tool kit from torpedo7 a while back for $45 or so. Overall I’d say it wasn’t the greatest purchase I’ve ever made: only about 4-5 of the tools were applicable to my bikes and 2 of those broke the first time I used them (chain breaker, adjustable lock ring tool). The chain whip was only 3/32 and the tire irons scratched the shit out of my rim. The crank extractor and hex are both really good though, and I was able to lend the kit to a friend who (I think) has made use of a lot more of the tools on his bike.

If I had the choice over, I would have ordered good quality versions of just the tools I knew I’d need.

Slight thread derail: Can anyone recommend a good chain breaker? I almost bought the park one last wiggle order but a lot of the reviews were negative.

I’d recommend going the route of buying a decent quality tool each time you find the need for one. Doesn’t have to be Park Tools or the like all the time but a decent brand eg X-tools or Ice Toolz. Working with nicer tools is much easier and nicer than crappy quality tools.

I’ve been using a Shimano Pro branded chain breaker with success. No problems so far with it. Well built and comes with a spare tip.

I take it back I don’t recommend torpedo 7 kit. My chain breaker broke last night

I’ve had a BBB and an icetoolz chain breaker and both have self destructed in one way or another. seems that chain breakers are fragile.

i didnt realise icetoolz made a 1/8" chainbreaker? what you might find is that it was designed for 3/32" and when used on a ‘big tuff™’ track chain it shart itself…

shimano/park for the perpetual win… yeah they are more $$ but given the number of times ive used/leant mine out i think im in front.

Hozan and Cyclus are quite good tools, Pedro’s ain’t bad either. VAR if you’re looking secondhand.

I bought the Torpedo7 SuperB toolkit years ago.
Some of the tools such as the BB remover and cassette remover work okay, and appear to be machined quite accurately. However other tools like the headset spanner and the chainwhip were absolute rubbish- they were either weak or like the headset spanner were stamped inaccurately.

I also agree that you should buy what you need when you need it since half the ‘tools’ in the kit aren’t really useful for 99% of the time. Ie, do you really want another cheap plastic screwdriver…