Tool Pouch / Bag for bidon mount

Ok so after a few rides i kind of realise i dont want to carry too much on my back other than the bladder

Im thinkin id like a pouch of some sort to bolt onto the bidon mount on the DT

Ideally id like to a carry tube, normal tool kit (ie co2, mini tool kit, tyre levers, mini pump, shock pump. So really its just fitting the shock pump thats probably the hardest thing, long and flat, not overly bulky.

Would prefer to have everything in the pouch, rather than on external mounts to the bidon

I know theres the KingKargo but i dont need the bidon holder, and dont think the bag would fit the shock pump?

Does something like that exist??

i thought buying a BOgear dump sac and just strapping it to a bidon holder, but would be nice if i could find something a little more aesthetically pleasing (if they exist). I could always hit up dave for a custom one i guess but would like to see if theres anything off the shelf for now

FOA, go.

Small triangular frame bag?

Leave the shock pump in the car at the trail head?

Tape a spare tube to the TT/ST junction

Revelate feedbag will fit a pump / tools / phone and it isn’t a saddle bag

Something like this?

If you are running a bladder on your back, the other stuff isn’t too bulky or weighty. I would rather have something on my back then rattling around on my MTB any day. If anything, invest in a good bladder for riding mtb, something like the Osprey Raptor 6 will carry everything you need.

Shock pump on the trail - I have never taken mine with me.

Shouldn’t need a shock pump out on the trail unless you’re tuning the shock. Once that’s done leave it at home.

I have a Topeak Aero Wedge that fits my Lezyne Pressure Drive pump as well as two tubes and assorted tools, perfectly fine tucked under the seat of my dually.

The KingKargo will fit tube and tools. I also have one spare if you want it.
I agree with everyone above about not needing a shock pump on the trail.

Cheers lads, seems i might have been over thinking things a little.

I picked up a camelbak classic (2L) from anaconda last week, so the pocket is probably big enough for my tool kit and possibly a tube.

I guess im not really out there long enough to need to worry about a shock pump/mini pump

And i do have a few spare saddle bags not currently in use (xlab and topeak aero) although i was never a fan of how they looked

Ads, thanks for the offer, probably not needed though.

Convert to tubeless and you’ll have any less need for some things depending on the ride being done.

Jersey pockets are also good for carrying things too.

Yeah, I go out with a patch kit, multitool, tyre levers, pump in my pockets (plus snakes/cliffies), plus a bidon.

Half frame bag, x2 bottles in good cages. Nothing on your back.

I decent jersey with deep pockets is a good start, I fit a pouch with multi tool, tyre levers and co2 in one a soare tube in the centre pocket with a pump phone on the other plus food bars or juice crush ups. Plus biddon on bike. You hardly know it’s even there. A lot more comfy than carrying a back pack or camelbak. If you want a frame bag the one below are good and don’t get in the way.

tape your tube to you seatpost or st/dt junction (in a ziplock). dont look back.

plus what everyone else says.

Cheers FOA, advice noted and will follow.

On the roadie i do usually carry phone/toolkit/food in jersey pockets, its 99% smooth so not a lot of movement

On the mtb i feel having stuff in pockets pulls/sags on the jerseys as the cut isnt race cut, but a looser fit and the terrain makes for plenty of movement.

i think ill keep phone/food in pockets still (light weight), toolkit/tube in the camelbak pocket or a saddle pouch.

I just wear a roadie jersey problem solved :smiley: