Top Cat alleycat - tonight

it wasn’t your fault, i was the idiot who forgot about the plastic bit.

i just checked it then, and it seems to work (sort of). Its only got one flashing mode and it turns itself off randomly. But none of that is unusual for knog lights.

such an innovative and reliable product

are all their products as reliable as their lights? i’m nervous about wearing this tshirt i won in case it self-destructs mid-wear.

Just don’t let tom throw it at the ground and it should be fine

i’d recommend performing a quick roadworthy check before use, always bring a spare

Thanks for a great race guys, was a super fun course and nice check point locations, particularly the hill on the beach! …pity we were on the wrong side of the river of course :wink:

good race, although i did mention to k o at one point that i wasn’t loving it. i didn’t feel fast at all and had no idea where any of the checkpoints were, i guess frustration would probably be a better way to put it. stoked with where i finished in the end though, was a nice surprise. :slight_smile:

thanks to brenton and all that contributed.

I loled.
Also, knog gloves are good. Not lights

K O im so proud your all grown up and winning! no parent could be prouder!

Just Sayin’
Send email with photos
Receive replacement light

I know it’s easier to complain online (and i cant count how many lights i had the knog shop replace), but i had a new front light in less than a week with no fuss.

Thanks to everyone who came, very happy everyone had fun.
The ‘Gatorade’ shower was awesome… and icy.

I’m glad the checkpoints were not to easy and a lot of guys saying they liked the fact there were some good hills along the way.

Thanks to everyone who helped out, and LP and Pip. Cheers fellas!