Top secret pic of Tez !!!! (aged 4)

He’ll kill me for sharing this but I just had to … See if you can spot our man TeZ at his first race in the under 5’s category :wink:

did he win? haha

This is a classic. That kid has some serious gear overkill on that bike though. Lightweights?

that ‘spokie dokie’ chick would have blown him off the mark…everyone knows that shit makes you go faster.

Man that’s hilarious. Right down to the TT helmet. And camo/black for stealthily drafting behind the spokey doke girl.

I bet his dad bought him Adidas sneakers just cos that’s what Merckx had.

Surely that’s in America?

I know where that’s from… (and so does blakey) :wink:

But also note the Di2… just because when you are kid hitting those shifters hard in the final sprint can really be tricky…


it was on bike snob, but it looks like its in oz.

What makes you say that?

You can tell cos of the pixels.

Right Hand Drive??

it’s def not Europe, he’s not wearing socks with his sandals.

Ha Ha! Awesome!! Love those lightweights and Di2.

That thing is total stealth fighter… Thats what T was aiming for with the r3sl…

No, this is Terence aged 4.

hahah thats even his favorite colored kit!!