Top six cycling team jerseys NOT to wear

But the guy who caught my eye today and got me thinking was wearing a relatively obscure team replica jersey – the bright yellow of an early iteration of Tinkoff Credit Systems.

Now, Tinkoff doesn’t, for me, have great associations (see below). So, given the connotations, who would voluntarily wear a replica jersey of that team, I wondered.

Top six cycling team jerseys NOT to wear | Matt Seaton | Environment |

But perhaps the lesson here, is not to wear any pro team jersey unless you’re being paid to do so.


When I saw the title I immediately thought of this:-

haha touché

In about 20 years, that footon kit will be the choice of ironic hipsters everywhere.

oo la la, horatio reads the guardian…

What, next stop vegan, straight-edge??

starts thread about what jerseys not to wear
is famous for not wearing jerseys full stop

Straight up zinger.

you think you’re better than us, H?


Rigid Bloke

Top six cycling team jerseys NOT to wear

except rock racing. fuck that energy-drink-lookin’ bullshit

erma gerd. lolz

“by deliberately marketing itself as a badass, punk outfit that didn’t care what anyone thought of its reputation. Great idea! I suppose you could always wear the jersey to a heavy metal festival, instead of on your bike.” - that article regarding Rock Racing.

Worked for Hellkrew.

Whatever. Just please no more BMC jerseys. I’ve got a mate (who dosn’t cycle) that now refers to all cyclists in a group as “the Cadels”. Too quote him “those fucking Cadels on Montague Rd this morning, fucking hell”

I think there is somthing to be said for mental advantage when wearing Replica kit though. When I used to fight I found wearing Thai style shorts training as apposed to regular “gym” shorts made me feel more intimidating (confident I spose) and I trained and fought better for it. Thoughts…



Wish I had a Hellkrew kit.

You would have copped considerably more shit on the weekend in HK kit, Zoltan…

Me too. Do they even have XXXL?