Top Tube pads are for wankers!

Toptube pads are like Car Bras and personalised number plates of the bicycle world, USELESS…But I haz one, bwahahahaha…

You better delete some of that porn, your accounts full !

i don’t understand how tt pads can be considered useless.

Man pink … YES!!

fucking Free Image hosters…arghhhhh

I fails using the interwebs


oh noes, the paint on my top tube is scratched!

That bike needs mudgaurds :evil:

heres my chance to be a hypocrite. W00T!

on 90% of bikes, a TT pad is useless.
and the worst are the really thick padded ones.
best top tube protection if you happen to spend all day throwing your bike against posts while you lock it up, an old inner tube, tightly wrapped around the tube and a small zip tie at each end.
same thing i keep telling people when they come in to spend $20 on a chain stay protector. USE AN INNER TUBE!
hardly anyone i know actually repairs tubes any more, you might as well get some use out of the old ones.

and as for the hypocritical bit? i have a thin top tube pad i got at CMWC last year of some totally crazy kids from tokyo who were funding their trips out here by selling stuff they made.
it’s about the thickness of a double tube, totally shot now, and languishing on my redline.

I’ll put on mud-guards when you give me a sponge-bath in your uniform, Big Boy!

Only if I get to rub my hands through your silky locks with expensive herbal creams.