Top tube pads

Anyone know where to get a selection of top tube pads (for road bikes and not BMX) in Melb?

Where’s my fucking cat skin top tube pad i ordered Nexus?

Yorkie…you say?..tempting, really tempting. (seems a good fate for small yappy lap dogs)

how come the neighbours moved? Was your meth lab offending them? Or was it the holden wrecks and urine/blood stained mattresses in your front yard.

if you can fix your own bike you can probably work a sewing machine, spotlight and clark rubber.

gold! And if you can’t - your mum probably can :wink:

eGay. Or K-Mart.

matt from kookie sells those little ones.

dan from shifter may have some, i dunno.

nothin’ beats newspaper and some stickytape, though.

No “re-load” top tube pads, I want Yorkshire terrier Nexus! Now! Kill the dog tonight!!! Watch ‘silence of the lambs’, make top tube pad…

You guys are wasting your money, why don’t you go and pull out that old bandana, that black paisley print will look great with your black deep vees.

I tend do agree with you :evil:

what do is the purpose of these pads?

To make a bike look worse without increasing performance or utility.

Ah finally someone with sense! :sunglasses:
Top tube pad= noob ball-warmer

Why dont u just use ur old tubes…cut them in half and the valve…
Wrap it around…toptube protector…

A was riding behind a guy on church street during the week with a pine tree air freshener in his spokes. mmmm pine tree fresh.

top tube pad = 90% useless.
the other 10% are people like me.
if you are a working messenger, or ride your bike for work, then a toptube pad isn’t a bad idea for protecting the frame frome getting mangled on posts and poles.

i have a thin one i got off a guy in sydney that i use on the redline. it’s getting old and ratty now, but it’s done it’s duty by that frame. no chips, no scratches, and no scrapes in the top tube. the yellow peril has all the chips and scratches, and no pad.

but having said that, i see top tube pads as being the same as velocity deep v’s. they tend to get bought and used by people who don’t know any better…

hahahah that’s great! :roll: Did he have nobblies or slicks on? I imagine it would be even funnier if he was running nobblies!

HEY!!! that was me…It is really hard to find aero-bars that fit my K-mart Huffy FS (safety warning says “not intended for off-road use”) :stuck_out_tongue: