Top Tube Protector- where to get?

Hi Guys,

I’ve got my nice new track bike (oversized aluminium) and I want to protect the top tube from handlebar strike. I notice that Kookie sell a Kashimax thing that might work- any other ideas?
And no, I don’t want a BMX style tube thanks! :evil:

I’ve seen some guys use a strip of handlebar tape wrapped a couple of times around the tube and taped. If it matches the bars it doesn’t look too bad. I don’t know if the Kashimax ones will fit oversized tubing.

Out of interest, what’d you get?

I am pretty sure that Dan at Shifter Bikes sells Kashimax ones, give him a buzz and you might be able to pick one up tonight

Cinelli Vigorelli.

It’s a good solid ride, stiff and not too heavy. Columbus Aeroplane tubing I believe.
Yes I could always try the handlebar tape idea if the Kashimax thing isn’t large enough to fit.

Another option is simply to use lots of electrical tape.
Looks alright as well.

And you can pick your colour if you’re that way inclined.

Being a designer, I think you might be ratio!


Look lats, I only bought the Vigorelli because of its highly functional geometry and rigidness. I certainly didn’t buy it because of it’s slick Italian paint job, or because it says ‘Cinelli’ on it… :evil: :evil:

Apparently the Hillbrick and the Vigorelli share the same tubing anyway…

Touchy touchy mate.
At least you’re not riding it to and from work…


Gnarly bike… that’d be 2 good reasons for me to get one!

You can use an old tube, wrapped in electrical tape. It’s what i’ve got, and it’s easy as shit to make. just cut the tube to be wrapped around the top tupe one or two times, then put electrical tape over it to hold it together.

Plz. we all know you bought one coz Kanye West got one :wink:

What if I said that Kanye was my hero? :evil:

You’d probably be opening yourself up for all sorts of ridicule!

Something new…

Clark Rubber sell clear plastic tubing/hosing that can be cut to size and fitted 'round the top tube for a quick and cheap frame protector.

It’s pretty much the exact same hose that we used to make bongs as kids. A Spring Valley bottle and some garden hose and you were laughin all the way to the local park