Tor Hushovd? (car advert)

New Audi ad for Germany features a BMC rider in the early part (7 seconds in). Never seen Tor with a beard, or sleeveless but not sure who else it would be … ideas? Not a bad ad btw, and not a big Audi fan but an RS6 would be an awesome car … Dirty Deeds Sponsors? :stuck_out_tongue:


good ad, like it

I would fkn LOVE an RS6.

no question, if I had the cash, that’d be the car for me.

Yep a mate just got an A6 avant, shit it’s mental.
He said it makes his GTS R8 wagon seem like a heap of crap.

I thought with all the FOA membership donations you’d have enough for one by now? <grin>

Not Hushovd


Looks a bit like Stephen Cummings.