Torn suede saddle.

So my friend’s bike fell over this morning and he tore his saddle slightly. It’s a suede Kashimax Aero saddle. He wants to know if there’s anything he can put around the tear to stop it getting bigger… the thing is, the saddle is a maroon colour, so anything is going to show up pretty easily.

I was thinking clear nail polish maybe to stop it from tearing.

Any other suggestions?

I got a hole in my favorite pair of tigers and put some supper glue on the leather. It seem to work ok. Had to re apply a few times but it lasted me until the soles had holes.
He might want to try something more flexible due to the padding?

He is considering shoe-goo…

Or buying another saddle.

He’s a fucking perfectionist.

Get a piece of suede or leather. Whatever he can find that matches the saddle. Cut out a piece about 8mm larger then the rip on all sides. Get a scalpel blade and slowly scrape away at the back of the suede/leather from the centre out. Keep scraping away layers until the edges are completely feathered away (but leave the centre thick). Then get an animal skin glue and stick that fucker over the rip.
Standard restoration procedure.

damn… that shit is descriptive.nice call mrdoor do you upholster for a living?