torque wrench

do any of you use one? i know most parts specify that such and such a bolt up should be tightened to 5.4 N-m or whatever. i normally work off a scale of not that tight, pretty tight and really tight.


that’s what she said.

I’ve got one, I never use it.

I’ve got a couple, one up to 15Nm, similar to this, the other up to 100Nm.

The ‘lighter’ one I use quite regularly, and always when dealing with carbon parts. The other one doesn’t get much use at all, it was ‘adopted’ from my dad’s garage from when he was doing up cars - there aren’t many bike parts that need that kind of torque.

For metal parts, ‘firm but not tight’ is my rule, except for anything with LH threading, e.g. BB, pedals, lockrings - which are obviously done up ‘FT’.

thanks yo

It’s becoming increasingly important to know how much torque you need on certain components- especially with carbon as SanEsteban says. The tolerances on high end parts is getting pretty small… :expressionless:
If I had a carbon bike (which I don’t), I’d use a torque wrench.