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Bringing the awesome…

Motorised Bicycle/Trike | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Modbury

Seriously, does it get any more retarded than this?

The lightest touch on the accelerator would have the front wheel off the ground in a blink of an eye.

Yet more proof to back Darwin’s theory of evolution…

Looks like some kind of hideous death trap.

now this I like… lol

me too !!

this is absolutely sick

$600 Tell him he’s dreaming…

Flip a bike with 3 horsepower driving it, I doubt it

Needs more scraper

seeing as people seem to like this deathtrap, what do you think I could get for mine?

replica of a 1911 indian, 200cc, 15hp and an auto gearbox. One catch though, no wheels or paint

Looks neat so far.

One of the coolest bikes I’ve ever seen also had a motor. Cucciolo by Ducati.

yeah Ive seen many of them. I even have one of the engines, it was going to go on my deathtrap. but then I decided that it is too nice to be modified for my build. the trusty 200cc honda does the job better too. With the current engine/gearbox combo it will be capable of 90-100kph