tough and locky threaded 1" headset


I’m thinking about upgrading the headset on the ol’ retro mtb. Its currently a ritchey caged ball set up (i think… its been years since i opened it up) and I’m thinking about adding a bit of niceness to it. I know i just said that its been years since i opened it, and it is thus a perfect headset, but you know what I’m getting at. I’m looking for stuff to play with and swap out.

So i see campy record are cheap as on wiggle and stuff. Dura ace is not. King is exy as usual, and i was really hoping that cane creek did something cheaper than the 110 in threaded but they dont seem to.

I have a bit of a preference for cartridge bearing and black ano. It needs to stay locked in the face of maxxtreme vibrations and absolutely cannot ovalise. Anyone got further ideas? Does SKF make a headset? Should I be looking at stronglight? I remember a rollerbearing (A9?) model they made which was pretty great… and rollers sound good for more surface are for poundage.

record headsets are average. king/110/DA are all nice headsets.
i don’t really know of any other nice cartridge threaded headsets.
this is not a helpful post.

Another not so helpful post…

There’s also the VO one. I have had zero problems with mine over 10,000km, but after my bike went through an aeroplane luggage compartment it’s gone notchy and weird. Haven’t fixed it yet because I’m scared the frame is damaged.

Miche make a roller bearing one like the old strong light, I bought one for spares, seemed alright, haven’t used it though


Thanks a lot for the input team… seems the list is about set. Jase I’ll take a look at tange, thanks :slight_smile: