Tough mobile phones

People, i have smashed too many phones, and dealt with shit covers like lifeproof. I am now looking at aspera phones, the r3 or r5 in particular. Anyone have experience with toughened smartphones? And am i wrong in thinking covers claiming to be waterproof and shockproof are shit? My lifeproof on iphone 5 was hopeless, nobody could hear me and it didnt even survive twenty mins inside a wetsuit on a swim.

I’m with ya on the whole ‘smartphones are pieces of shit’ thing. I’ve had my xperia Z3 for 6 months and replaced the screen twice @$269. The lady who sold it to me even told me they crack easily, shouldve listened

My lifeproof case previously was excellent for a long time, the otterbox cases are also great for shock resistance. But pretty crummy at waterproofing and are far too chunky.

The aspera phones are getting some pretty sweet reviews, they have gorilla glass which is cool.

The xperia is the last one i broke… 269 is way too much to replace the screen!

My lifeproof is actually pretty sweet. No issues whatsoever, waterproof, survived numerous MTB crashes so far, sound quality is excellent, am using it since over a year now with an iPhone 5, no clue what you’ve used.

I have a Telstra Dave, im pretty sure its a Nokia. Its waterproof, good screen, long battery.
Only issues is that the speaker isnt really loud but it does all the things I need it to do.

I’ve never met a Dave who was unreliable. Buy a Dave.

Our field techs were issued with Telstra Daves and after probably 12 months, I had replaced all of them with Samsung S5s and good quality cases. The main issues being they didn’t connect with the Bluetooth in our Patrols (different version of Bluebooth supposedly) and also the terrible voice call quality.
If you don’t make calls as your main form of communication, they may be worth looking at, but I would steer clear if you need good voice clarity.

I’m surprised that my Dad’s phone has lasted so long in an Otterbox case, except for that wayward golf club that smashed the screen, he does everything with it in his top pocket including welding all day. You must be on another level of destruction!!
Can you leave your phone in the car when you go surfing?! Or are the Insta vibes too great!

I am terrible with phones, my last 2 only went about 6-8 months.
Recently upgraded to 6S so I got one of those “Otter Box” cases, thing is nails, dropped it a few times and not a thing.

lifeproof has been super good for me (and now my partner).

no issues with call quality, and ive had that thing soaked more than a few times (i wasnt game to swim with it). i did the 30sec submersion test as per the instructions when i got it and it passed, but i noticed that after a long while the seals do move around or can get damaged slightly. dawn works in the studio with hers and it frequently gets covered with clay and glazes and she just wipes it down.

had an issue with call quality at one point but removing the phone and reinstalling it with a bit more care solved that. I think the speaker/mic might have been slightly misaligned.

i have a habit of playing ‘phone soccer’ and it survived many many drops onto concrete and hard surfaces sometime while riding.

worst part about having a nexus5 is that i cant find a similar case.

modern technology is great but the focus isnt on ruggedness or long lasting.

It’s the opposite. Like these new Galaxy S6 'edge

One small drop onto the edge and the screen’s cactus.
Lifeproof cases do come with a warranty I believe. maybe best option is to buy a phone outright, and couple it with one of them.

I’ve got a Nillkin 9H tempered glass protector and made my missus get one for her new phone as she’s not so good at looking after her phone.

She’s dropped it a few times, and the screen protector has saved her screen. It cracks instead of the actual screen

Word. Mine went through the washing machine and still worked.