Tour de Brewery - Sat 12th November

Sammyz and I are keen to roll around to a few breweries. If anyone else likes beer and owns a bicycle: come along! :smiley:

Where: Meet at the chimney stacks on the carpark side of Sydney Park.

When: Saturday 26th November, 3PM meet, 3:30PM roll off.

Bring: Bike lock, lights, waterbottle, a bike, an unquenchable thirst for beers and ales.


Planning for a super casual and relaxed ride. We can drop off at any stage if we get too drunk, and most of the stops look within short reach of public transport.

Mmm tasty beer.

would be keen, But the suburban dirt ride is on that weekend.

Also Black Font, Grifter and Wayward are easy rolls from those mentioned.

Happy to bump it a week if more faces can make it (nothing stopping me from riding to the pub anyway, right?)

Excellent suggestions. I’d be particularly keen for Wayward, as I used to live down the road, but never strayed inside…

Keen for this, away for a few weeks from the 12th though.

I have mapped this out before though

Rocks Brewing Co > Willie > > BlackFont > Batch > Grifter > Young Henrys > Wayward

Updated first post - pushing this to Sat 26th, could a mod please update the thread title :smiley:

Thanks imartin for the route tips!