Tour de France Tonight!

68 Lanham Ave Grange. Let’s watch the tt, drink bevvies, and say aw haw haw. Come round after dinner. Leipheimer fans not welcome

Should i bring a bag of blow, seeings though your BF Boonan is back in the tour Marty?

How many nights of e Tour does your offer extend to Bender?

I am still here, I ain’t leaving. :evil:

wednesday night = fail for anyone without a set top box :frowning: stoopid cricket

rest of tour after tuesday night = fail by sbs

fuck yeah ashes series

i don’t understand why they aren’t going to show it.
it sucks for those without HD i.e. me. Very unhappy.

you don’t need HD just a standard definition digital set top box.

tour is on SBS TWO

heaps of people are getting rid of their standard def digital receivers due to upgrading to high def digital.

i got mine for $25 off ebay

i got a built in hi def tuner and fox, so im not too worried, but for others it would suck fat wang :frowning:

i also dont think sbs2 has a hi def version :roll: sucks having to watch normal digital instead of HD digital :-o

Picture quality doesnt worry me. i just wanna see it.

Picture always jumps because of the the signal is being sent from the back of a moving motorbike so i dont think it matters too much if it is in HD or not,

It’s on, it’s live. Viva.

today my boss gave me permish to come at 10:30 and leave late for the next 12 days.

you’ve never watched sport in full high definition have you? :?

^ it looks the same don’t worry

The Tour looks fine from my Samsung LED :smiley:


samsung make the best lcd/led’s :sunglasses: