Tour de (Melbourne) Norbardee

A friend just recommended this to me and I thought some here might be interested. It’s an amateur Tour with weekly stages run in different places around Melbourne. I figured it might be a fun way to get a bit of extra motivation to do some km’s during winter :slight_smile: It’s free and all you need to enter is strava and a gps.

Tour de Norbardee’s | Grand Tours where every cyclist comes first

(No association to the organisers)

for crying out loud. why don’t people just race?

This is the worst

We need to start a winter crit outlaw series

Sorry dudes. I will take it to BNA.

So this Norbee thing…there’ll be a certain number of riders doing timed runs around a course, say the ‘prologue’ course in Port Melb, all over the same weekend, so probably many at actually the same time…but no-one will really know if the other riders they see around are doing the same thing, or just randoms who happen to be there?

this guy should’ve given you a hint.

it doesn’t sound like the worst internet startup i’ve ever heard of.
i don’t think they’ll make much money off it though, it’s just strava for people with no friends who aren’t very fit but are keen on riding

Yeah when you put it like that it doesn’t sound that good after all. How do I delete the thread?

Just because their is a few of us that are not into it doesn’t mean you have to be not into it,
Mate if this is some thing you or others here are In to then go for it.

Don’t sweat it or bother deleting it, hell some one else may be keen as on the idea.

fuck, if folks stopped doing things we thought were lame, there’d be no recumbents.


stay out of our melbourne section, or there’ll be some xjusticex distributed.


i could never be one. can’t grow a good enough moustache.

Surely you could muster up a half-decent Hitler?

maybe if hitler had a touch of ginger.


Haha all good, I think it sounded better in my head than it actually would be. It will prob be like someone said, a bunch of Freds riding around sorta looking at each other going “are you doing that tour thing…” awkwardly. Tour de France starts in 9 days anyway so strava will run their usual events.

Meh, who cares. If you want to do it- do it.