Tour De Ride2Work 2016 - the saga continues!

It’s on again(and I’ve only just realised…)

I’ll probably hit coburg, nth carlton (railway house then velo), fitzroy, then cbd… but will think some more in the coming days (possibly convention centre or clifton hill).

Same deal as always… i’ll post up route and timing and we will see how many pastries and espressos we can get freaked out on.

also worth noting that velo are doing a ride home from work event with beers and food by donation.

This is great. I’m trying to convince Alice to do it, which hilariously would require me to drive to work the day before.

Edit - Just realised that I have a late start next Wednesday… All the coffee.

Route planning and map HERE!

Might get tweaked a bit…

How is this already a year ago?!

Unfortunately out for this year’s event - am working from a customers location in Mulgrave this Wednesday :frowning:

7:40 at Velo miiiiiiight be doable, but I’m notoriously bad at time management in the morning lately it seems.

I’m TurtleTime dependent. Will do my best.

Let me know and I’ll stalk you like always

Or I won’t let you know and you’ll still be there ya creep!

NSJ: Can’t join cos organising our office’s RtWD brekkie

SJ: We’re ordering bread and danishes from Rustica and donuts from ShortStop for brekkie

Brekkie near my work is 7-9 but I’m more of a 9:30 starter.
Think there is one on Gardiner’s Creek (coffee only?) that may at least be open.

My commute now goes directly past a breakfast and doesn’t require a detour, which I’ve never bothered doing.
This is exciting.

Will be at City Square just after 7am.

this is arguably the best time. it gets equal parts hilarious and scary as the morning wears on.

Keen see y’all at Coburg Mall

Changed work locations tomorrow. I’m in. Might make it to velo at 740 but more likely the Fitzroy pool at 810. Let’s see how this uni assignment goes tonight.

Will likely continue to south melbourne market after the convention centre stop.

Seemed quieter than normal but it was another fun one.

Luke met me at Coburg and then we ducked down the bike path to Railay house where they had the BBQ going and Tate was lurking and chatting to my parents (who were doing a retirees R2W).

Velo had those really good natural tucker vegan slices and a giant urn of filter coffee from green park. Tate was backing the custard tarts.

Clifton Hill looked promising until Luke fell into the R2W rookie trap of ordering a ‘different’ coffee (a cortado) and then having to wait ~20mins for it. This created time for some amusing discussions about teenage fast food work experiences, and Tates eating abilities.

Fitzroy pool was the busiest stop we saw… and also where Jelmer met us. Random array of snacks and at this point we’d had enough coffee (that was verified as being good).

A dash through the CBD traffic gauntlet to City Sq where there was some weird ‘energized’ up’n’go’s on offer. None of the usual fruit buns, but bananas aplenty and BBQ’d egg and bacon rolls.

Luke denied us the amusement of seeing him ride the buller pumptrack on his colussi, but did have a dig on a bmx around it.

We got another photo taken (it seemed like people had never seen a group of bearded guys riding bikes before, such was the request for photos today… have they never been to fitzroy or BWK?) then decided enough was enough and work called.

Lots of juice around this year! Not the worst haul, but not up with the peak-snacks Blakey years

Good times.

I rolled on to South Melbourne market. Great stop. Free neck and shoulder massage, Clement coffee, tasty muffins and a fresh kale/macadamia smoothie - NTBD.

Worst time to ever try asking a trainee for a cortado.
Still though - was fun and always great to spend time with FOA folks

It burns that I’m in Melbourne (airport) and missed this.

Keep the dream alive!

Good work team, good write up Nik.

Who’s hitting up Mountain Goat on the way home for free pot of beer?