Tour de Timor

Man, if I wasn’t going on a trip in July, I would definitely do this: Tour de Timor 2011

$600 entry including camping/food. Just need to get there (no easy feat). But how often do you get to ride somewhere entirely new? Would be sweet.

i’m planning on doing this

a bunch of folks i know have done this the last couple of years (including user x-campbell). it’s apparently a helluva good rocking time, but also some damn hard riding.

i just registered, so i guess i am going. time for training and yoga and massages for my knee.

hey, text me if you still want those shoe insert things.

I would love to do this one year. XC bike next on the list.

because i’m a dickbag of the highest order, i registered before thoroughly reading the rules which state: Expressly forbidden are road and cyclo-cross bikes who wants to hire me a MTB?

Haha oh no! It would be a good test of your CX bike though if you could. Sounds like we need a MckennyAid fund-raiser now… :slight_smile:

@Mckenny that is awesome, I had been considering doing this. Will have a chat with you at Ryan aid if your heading down?

horatio: i might get rid of my fixie to get a 29er

jeremy: i’ll be there!

that’s a worthy decision. i was ogling some of the new specialized 29ers last night…

^ Were you imagining how you’d fall off them Brendan?

@McKenny, I’ve been hired as a MTB consultant for Benzy. You two should go and get matching 29ers.

it hurts because it’s true.

i’ll 100% do this. i also wanna get a cap made up for him from rocket fuel that says “benzy” on the peak.

This interests me greatly.

Sweet idea about the cap. Myself and user xianhumanx have had recent contact with rocket fuel, but more on that next week in a thread all on it’s own…

Oh and Brendan, if you wanna feel better just watch me at the rollers on Sunday.

are you on specialized’s “street team” these days or summat’?

jay pays me in 28 days bootlegs. - image uploaded by @thefitzrev

So you pay the entry fee and go all that way and then they tell you that you can’t ride? Why don’t you just put 35C tyres on, then it’s not a CX bike under the UCI regs.

i don’t want to hazard getting there to be told “nah, you can just watch”. with trigger on board i reckon i’ll get an ok 29er, been trawling rotorburn’s classifieds too.