Tour Divide 2018

So I’ve been watching the dots, but does anyone know of a good source of rider updates and stuff? Bloody Lewis is slaying it! And Gary P on his SS! Bloody hell. Amazing.

I found this. It’s got a bit on it.

GP is crushing it on SS. Didn’t Lewis get that blue custom bikepacking rig? Why the giant?

Sponno. And it’s really lite.

Edit: And what MikeD said

Giant = sensations

who’s winning?

the people on bikes.

Great thanks!

GPs had 11hrs rest in nearly 4 days. Lewis has had more than 24hrs rest in that time. I can’t see how GP can keep it up tbh, but he’s still going so…

He’s running a rigid fork

Well I retract my comment then

See that you do

i think i saw lewis running on the merry creek the other day. didn’t find 50 bucks.

Like Jesus?

nah on land like normal. elite calves tho.

GP and other SS contender Bailey look like they’re riding close to each other. Hope they get to duke it out and I too wonder if GP is going to blow up. Enjoying Will from Commuter’s updates on IG as well.

Probably running the same ratio… :wink:

And yes Will’s commentry is pretty good

Lewis in the lead. Crikey.