Tour Down Under week.

If you’re looking for somewhere to drink beers and watch the race on Sunday…

The Jade

^ are $10 coopers pints cheap for radelaide??

An Adelaide pint is smaller than a Melbourne pint (pretty much the same size as a Sydney schooner) and usually $7.50ish, so two pints for $10 is pretty good.

$5- schooners isn’t bad.

2015 Tour Down Under.
I’m in RAdelaide for the week and will be doing nothing but riding.
Who’s around, who’s free, where’s fun at.
Last year Steph & I were there for 4 days and had a blast riding out to the stages and up through Belair and stuff.
This time though I’ve got more time.
Any other interstate people heading over?

I reckon I’ll take the week off again.

Thinkin I will do the same.