Tour Down Under week.

Who’s going to be here? I have the week off of work so I plan to ride the shit out of that week. Would love to ride to a few of the stages, throw in a Lobethal Bierhaus Brewery Ride™, plus a good ol’ Thursday Night ride to the beach for beers. There’s also this: There’s some really good 50k+ loops of hills and gravel not far from the CBD as well. Oh, and there’s a CX race on the 26th.

I’m over from the 19th until the 27th:)

i’ll probably do the cx race, otherwise I’m working

I just moved here from Perth, and happened to be sitting next to a triathlon and track rider on the flight. He had a lot of good things to say about doing bits of the ride, so I’ll definitely jump in if I can. I start work next week and have no idea what my roster is yet so we’ll see how we go. Keen to see heaps of people out on bikes in the coming weeks!

Details of the stages at Santos Tour Down Under - Home - Santos Tour Down Under - UCI World Tour

Depending on work I may be in for the corkscrew stage and maybe the ride on the 18th or another gravel ride during the week. Would be nice to meet some other riders in Adelaide.

Also this is on too…

Santos Women’s Cup


that’s rad.

Single speed bikes only (no fixies) and must have brakes

Can’t stop, don’t want to either.

D/H alleycat is cancelled[/thread]

Unless someone else wants to help organise?

that a broken collarbone or a fucked AC joint? I ain’t no doctor…

Oof. When’s surgery?


hmmm I see I see.

yeeeeeess, I’m gonna need to operate. pass me that thingmy

Kumo Cycles and Rogers Bespoke will be displaying at Treadly Bikes during the TDU. Check the Treadly site for more details.

Treadly Bike Shop

I’ll be heading over on Friday morning…

We’ve touched down, put the bikes back together and my girlfriend is looking for a set of nice wheels tomorrow afternoon.
Anyone recommend a cool shop in RAdelaide we can check out? I’d be hoping for something in the vein of Saint Cloud or Jetnikoff and the GF needs someone with a bit more a roadie bent. Any suggestions?

the local fixie shop is treadly, otherwise check out international cycles for a more roadie orientated store that won’t try to fuck you over

Legend! Cheers Squid!

Treadly have heaps of new and used wheels hanging ready to go and probably more road than fixed so definitely drop in.
North Adelaide Cycles also carry a lot of used parts also if that doesn’t work out.