Touring around France

I’m heading over to France in early July to watch some of the TdF, going to the semaine federale in Flers, see some mates. But apart from that I don’t have much planned for the 2.5 months I’m over there.

I know I want (attempt) to climb Alpe d’Huez, col de Tourmalet, Ventoux and anything else I think of climbing.

So, I’m looking for some advice for things to do, see, climb, eat, etc…


Oh yeah, I’ll have the full touring kit, panniers, racks, tent, beard.

This should be so sweet. I have only been to France with the folks and we had a car. But i can say that French back roads really are as beautiful as they say.

Also, eat as much brie and duck as you can. I can’t anymore and as such i would like to live vicariously through you.

and I won’t have to worry about feeling sick and having to pull out of tdb…

That was one time! And it was half a round.

grow a good moustache and ill be impressed

one word - Dordogne

i spent 2 months there recently. amazing country side indeed. head south, near Carcassonne and the spanish border. Breathtaking scenery and hills. Toulouse is a great place also for riding. The train is real cheap if you need to cross the country real quick? Tonnes of bike stores along the way and they are extremelly bike friendly on the roads over there. I could go on and on… HAVE FUN

I haven’t been to France camping in about 15 years, the only thingk I’d recommend is if you’re looking doe somewhere to camp, I’d try and find one without a standing up shitter…

Seems like an odd piece of advice, but trust me at 2am, the last thing you want is to try and operate one of those things with half a slab of French booze in you.

Good to hear the train is cheap. That was one of my worries. I’ll definitely be heading south.

Planned I’ll watch the Grenoble ITT, Alpe D’Huez and the final climb in Glibier Serre-Chevaliers stages of the Tour.

Toilets, I’ll remember that one.

All the shops tend to close just before lunch and don’t open again until 4-5ish. So make sure you stock up on everything you need in the morning, including water. And make sure that you have everything you need for Sunday on Saturday.

You’ll have a ball. It is so good for riding.

I used a couple of them while touring in France last year with my old man. Not actually all that bad just takes a bit of getting used to/over the stigma of squatting.

Municipal campsites FTW. They are run by the local council and compared to private sites are absurdly cheap - like 6 euros per night for two peeps and tent.

Make sure you can actually speak a few words of French with half way reasonable pronunciation, Most people will either not speak any English or not speak it to you. I got a phrase book and remembered a bit of my high school french which got me by.

As mentioned above in country areas shops can be few and far between so don’t let your supplies run down too much.

Have a great time dude - it’s such a great place for a bike holiday.

It’s better for you than a sit down toilet! (I’m serious)