Touring section?

Is it time for a touring section on the site? Lots of people here doing it and discussing it. Lots of relevant threads (eg camping gear, routes, show us your touring bike, etc).

BNA’s got one

Related: Check this -

Pretty good resource, beautifully presented and simple explanations. Hopefully it will grow to include other countries over time.

Yeah I know there is plenty of information elsewhere. My question was just as a matter of structure for this place, given the number of threads popping up in this subject.

It could easily replace the FGFS sub forum :smiley:

Reckon it’s a good idea. Good link Ezy.

Yeah, that was my first thought too.

As a mod, I’m backing this.

Nickj will create it later.

Can we put up a halt on new regos to stop BNAers flooding in?

Or put the same restrictions on as the sale forum? So it’s not visible to an external search engine?

heh. our sweet google rankings are spoiled by the spammy hijack links that are redirecting freds currently.


what’s happening? Are some people seeing the light or is FOA the new BNA?

i cannot support this support of glorified sandle wearing. Will be watching you all very closely.

Goddamnit you’re right. EDIT: Fixed

I keep getting topless titty photos when I click on an FOA google link…

Not the best thing to get on a 27" monitor visible form the entire office.

Sorry - in future I need to know ASAP so I can fix it - it’s fixed now unless you can provide replication instructions.

What does this even mean?

It means I’ve created a Touring forum.

Up next. Drone section?

Hell yes - and a rename to