Town bike build advice

I’ve got an old Viner frame for cheap that had Shimano 600 bits on it, Pelissier hubs and an assortment of not-so-interesting parts. Frame is low end Columbus I think. It looked thus…

More pics here.

I want to turn it into a nimble town bike. Something to get from A to B. Comfortable, little fuss, easy, able to get up the odd hill. I’ve put a Turbo on it and some VO Postino bars, put on front wheel with 600 hub, left the back one with the Pelissier, but am stuck about what to do next.

I have these Superbe Pro parts lying around not doing much - brakes, brake levers, 2 x FDs, cranks & downtube shifters.

I’ve ummed and ahhed about swapping out the Shimano stuff, getting the remaining Suntour pieces of the puzzle. Then I think getting matching 600 will be a cheaper exercise. Or I could just try cobbling it together and tinkering until it kind of works.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

I say build it up with the Superbe stuff, use the remaining 600 stuff, and ride it. Maybe keep an eye out for the remaining Superbe stuff on eBay etc.

Looks awesome though.

Hey Gavin if the original gear all works well just go with that,
What stem did that come with Goose is after one like that in a 120.
I have done a similar build for my wife with this old Cecil Walker.

And I will take the left over 600 off ya hands…

agreed, don’t complicate things too much

if this is the same one that i looked at earlier this year, dayne you pointed it out, it had this stem on it, decals look much nicer than i recall, gumtree find? looks great though, ride it til something fails, then swap in the suntour stuff

The original stem was just a plain old Kalloy I think. He’s more than welcome to it. Richard had a few 120 quill stems. Can ask him?

'twas on Gumtree. About 2 months ago. Yeah thinking I will piece together and see how it goes.

Have got this bike together and rolling. Heaps of fun to ride. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction guys.

More after pics here.

That came up real nice. Congrats.

That looks super nice.

Nice gav looks a treat.

great job mate! needs a nice front rack to finish it off!

Was thinking rack - what do you reckon. Wald/VO?

What do you plan on carrying?

Wald baskets really need better support, their sheetmetal stays are flex city. VO is fine for light-med loads, but the flat stock single point crown mount allows a lot of sway once the weight goes up.

Probably transporting usual librarian stuff - folders, notebooks a lightweight cardigan.

Actually, you’ve used the VO rack on the travesty, you can judge how it handled the load you put on it youself!

WHAT? I thought I was the only one? I FEEEEL DIRTY!!!

Given I didn’t eat pavement when I had a 7-10kg travel bag on the rack… when I was still quite drunk, then I would say the VO rack is boss.


blakey’s bike is the town bike alright.

Fixed for Jono.