Track Bicycle

I got a new bicycle and it goes super fast! I raced on a velodrome for the first time last night on this bike which is way too good for me, however i really couldnt see me on anything less. Im going to work my way up from D-Grade, at hopefully a reasonable pace, but we’ll see how we go. Ive never ever owned an aluminium fast bike (road/fixie/commuter), so the first thing i noticed was the speed at which power comes out of your legs and gets to the wheel, i can usually feel a kick in each hard pedal stroke from every steel bike ive owned. So my whole riding style will be forced to change a bit for this bike, i dont mind, i just love adding new bikes to the stable.

This is a stock Felt Tk2, 7.4kg, 60cm (wish they made a 63cm or something), 86 gear inches currently, you can see what bits it has.
It will be getting a thomson seatpost ASAP, the current seatpost is about 1.5inches over the max. :-o, and we all know you cant have a thomson seatpost without a thomson stem to match (“x2” thanks). I like steel bars also, so some Deda Steel 31.8mm bars are on the cards also, not to mention the chainring/rear cog collection i need to build up.

I will be racing Thursdays and maybe Tuesdays @ DISC, so if you see me, im the young kid kitted out with Brunswick Street Cycles gear.


Also a big shout-out to Craig from Northcote Cycling Club, he has been awesome at helping me with all the paper work, the rules, giving me confidence riding with people, and just generally helping me out with getting into Track riding. Cheers mate.

And people ask about carbon… jeezus!