track bike suggestions

I’ve been riding at the velodrome for 5 weeks and am hooked so I am looking for an entry level track bike. A couple that I have seen are the Hillbrick pista, Fuji track and Avanti. All in the price range I can do (kids, school fees, mortgage… if you dont know about it yet you soon will).
Comments on these are welcome or suggestions on other bikes

The hillbricks use formula hubs which are much better than what Avanti and Fuji use.

I had a Fuji, it was a great bike for the $$. But the hubs were pretty crappy.

I love the look of the Fuji and maybe the hubs would be ok for track use and not street abuse. Can’t think of any other off-the-shelf bikes in that range.

I had a close look at the 2007 Fuji track on the weekend. It is all good and much improved over previous years. It has sealed front and rear hubs now. For the price you can’t go wrong. $600 rrp. Ride it untill it brakes then replace parts as needed. I have done this with mine and not much has broken and I am known for my ability to destroy bikes and parts.

It might not be shiny… just let your legs do the talking. Also… steel is real.

saw the fuji 2007 and they now use formula hubs.
Been reading other reviews and have to admit I am leaning towards the Fuji - price, steel and it sounds like people are happy with them


I prefer blutack :lol:


I prefer blutack :lol:[/quote]

What Nick is referring to is the original rear hub from my Fuji, which got donated to a beater project. I stripped the locking thread so I just Araldited the cog and lockring in place with the help of stud lock. I then rode it into the ground.

The Hoffys rear hub is on the same path.

Lockring nearly stripped.

I’m too scared to change cogs on it now.

How would the Fuji go on the streets and who in Melb sell them?

Fine I expect. Whatthekoon and Tristan have both had Fujis as street bikes, without problems.

Not sure about 06/07 but they used to have road geometry so no steep angles most track bikes have, making it a comfy road ride.

Brunswick St Cycles had one hanging up in the shop so try them out first.

The Fuji is road geometry with a high BB. They handle well on the street. No toe overlap which is great. I just got my LBS at the time which was UniBicycles to bring one in. Brunswick St Cycles had a fuji track in their store last year. Maybe they still do 'em.


they have drillings for front and rear brakes

Specialized Langster springs to mind perhaps?

Hillbrick costs about the same as a langster and is a much better bike spec wise.