Track bike

Is there any problem with using a fixed conversion bike on the track ?
I have a Shogun Team Issue, Tange Prestige tubing, Wolber rear, Ambrosio front (using a quick realease). Maxxis 23mm Detonators. It has a fairly high BB so I use 175 cranks on the road with no problems. I can take the front brake off and replace the drops without any problem. Gearing is 49/15.
Do you have to use a track front hub or can you use a quick release hub ?

You can not race with QR. Ok for training. Getting a QR axel that has allen key fasteners will be fine.

175mm cranks will not work unless your BB is really really high. I would not like to race with 175 cranks, because they are not much fun at 180-200 rpm.

Gearing is fine at 88 inches.

Your best bet is to front up to your local clubs training night and see if your bike is ok.