Track Bikes - Reach

Hey guys,

just trying to figure out what size to go for for my first road bike. I noticed that my track bike (Soma Rush) has quite a long reach compared to road bikes, so would anyone be able to explain why this is the case? I am used to figure out a bike by its reach from MTBs but am a bit lost when it comes to road bikes.



what size is your soma, and how is it set up?

(/find a bikeshop yuo like and trust not just to sell you what they have on the floor)

Track bikes generally have steeper seat tubes so the reach will be longer than a road bike that has a same/similar length top tube.
That is assuming saddle set back is the same on both bikes. is a good site for comparing bikes and geometry.

Could it have much to do with the seat tube angle? Noticed tark bikes have steeper angles than their road counterparts…

Google says:

as far as reach is concerned a 1 degree difference in seat tube angle equals approximately 1 CM in ST length (that is a 57 CM ST at 73 degrees = 58 CM at 74 degrees more or less).

its 57cm (561mm TT, 570mm ST) with a 100mm stem (1cm spacer below). its an aggressive fit I’d say but am still able to ride it fairly comfortable over longer distances (up to 100kms). I am about to buy a Giant TCR either in M or M/L and hope I can test ride both.

Also consider the stack height when buying a new bicycle.

yeah, that site is cool. I need to learn more about geo.

Ignore what your on now, how tall are you?

1.80m long legs…bought a medium, loving it.