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I’m in the market for a disc and I’m happy to spend 1K. Currently you can get a new Corima track disc from Corima OZ for 25% off at $1050. You can get your hands on barley used Zipp 900 discs with the interchangeable road /track axel for around $800+ if your patient and a brand new track axel for about $150. FFWD’s coming in at $1400 is too deer for me and the Pro Lite’s I’ve seen looked to be finished poorly, axel looks cheap and naff aka chinarella with a sticker and a 40% markup.

So heres the questions: Is the interchangeable axel option any Good? I’m not going to road TT ever so the feature doesn’t really appeal. The Zipp retails way higher than the Corima, is it really better or just hype? If you could have a used Zipp this weekend with a new axel or a New Coima this weekend for 1K what would you buy?

Steve from Crankstar tells me they used to run the Corima’s on the tandems as they are very strong/stiff just a little heavier which is not really of great concern to me.

Any other brands/ considerations to add…

You generally only see Mavic discs in high level competition (which I don’t need nor can afford) so it’s hard to just say "well all those guys/girls use “x” disc so it must be good. I do see the FFWD five spoke+Disc in the revolution series a bit… can’t say I’ve seen anyone running the Corima’s much apart from local stuff.

Also, I currently run Zipp 404’s on the track so the matchy, matchy factor is a small bonus of the Zipp.


Zipp 900

Zipp track Axel


Pro Lite

No even going to mention Mavic, Campagnolo or Araya as we’re getting into the over 2000 POUNDS arena.

I have a Zipp 900 with interchangeable Track Axle. Mine is an older model, circa 08/09 but I reckon it’s great.

I’ve never used the road cassette (it’s 10spd and my roadie is 11, but 10 of 11 with the limits on the RD should sort that if I ever do a triathlon/tt).

Other than that, installing the track axle was a breeze, it spins beautifully and I’m just chasing some 2013 decals to match it to my 808 firecrest front.

A mate also has a 900 disc, but had a little play in the track axle. New bearings sorted that straight away.

My opinion might be biased though, I have 3 sets of Zipp wheels…

older HED discs?

i have a Trialist disc wheel, ancient tech as per link.

even so, it’s a leap ahead from my deep-v’s.
i can’t imagine the difference comparing disc/disc vs disc/deep-v would warrant this sorta in depth discussion.

buy what you can afford to replace (at least once).

Campy ghibli and mavic hold more world titles than any other brand,
Be careful what zip you get the wider ones will hit the frame.

Pro (Shimano) discs seem to be priced pretty well. Iirc I’ve seen them for around $1100 on sale which would be a proper bargain I reckon. Pretty sure most of the whole Netherlands team were using them at the Olympics too which must mean they’re pretty good I guess. Personally I’ve used an old Campy disc, a newish Zipp disc and a Miche disc and couldn’t tell the difference between any of them. Agreed with Tate on the buy what you can afford to replace though, crashing is a part of racing.

Who’s this sorry?

I see a lot of ffwd discs in sydney and i have one myself. people seem to love them. i have seen a few for sale second hand for good prices. mine will make it’s debut on the boards in a few weeks so i can report back then. within our group of mates we have zipp/ffwd/chinese discs so it will be interesting to compare. in terms for quality the disc looks good/spins well. the decals are not under a clear coat, this surprised me as on my ffwd front they are

If the only thing holding you back from getting a FFWD is the ~$1400 price tag and you’re dubious about the Corima, maybe pull the trigger on a FFWD while they’re a bit cheaper? Wiggle has them for $1200 at the moment.

I’ve also been eyeing off the Corima at the ~$1000 price point, but have the same feelings as you regarding quality versus other stuff.

Also, I really don’t need a disc because I’m dog slow and probably should get some better legs before I part with money in such a fashion.

Yeah I see their on sale but you’ll get hit tax and import duties because it’s over a grand EVEN THOUGH their advertised on a website… kents! It’ll end up in the $1400 range. I’m not dubious of the Corima quality at all hey, actually starting to lean that way the more I dwell on it… good price, in AUS, warranty, reputable brand, only one purchase… I may have to be the Guinea pig.

Ah yeah, forgot about import tax. Shithouse. Unless something awesome comes up second hand, Corima looks like the go then I guess. Hopefully you can remove the decals… the text bit looks good but the swirls look like absolute pus.

I don’t think there is any issue with Corima quality or performance. I’ve never used one of their discs but the whole astana team ride their wheels. Pretty sure Zakharov was riding Cormina disc at worlds in 2013 when he lapped the field about 6 laps in to a 60 lap scratch race. If it’s good enough for him, probably good enough for hubbards like us. Also, Zakharov ended up blowing up, got dropped, lost his lap and lost a second lap… Probably not due to the disc though.

Yeah true. I think the apprehension arises from the fact that they are a shitload cheaper than the other big name brands. Warrants asking the question I guess.

edit- I think it’s fair to say you’ve been provisionally promoted from hubbard status and therefore no longer allowed to use the words “hubbards” and “us” in the same sentence.

I’ve considered buying a set of the tubs and lacing them to dura ace or something. Have never once question the quality but perhaps that’s just my perception that a pro team wouldn’t use that garb if they had the choice. That being said, we all know they can put a sticker on anything they want to please a sponsor.

Jump in I reckon.

I would recommend saving a little longer and waiting for the FFWD disc mate. They come on sale regularly - mine was $940 when I bought it. For the money you probably won’t get better unless you get really lucky and get a second hand Mavic or Ghibli from somewhere.

I’ve had mine for nearly four years now and granted it doesn’t get used very often, but it’s faultless and smooth. Can’t recommend FFWD wheels enough.

^^ This.

Do some searching on - UK forum where the Corima discs are more prevalent. You will find they have a good reputation.

Good bearings and a well glued tyre is critical.

Sooooooo Corima OZ just added to their sale page and the track disc is now going for $800AUD + free delivery… you can’t beat that I recon. Trigger pulled :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Nice one bruvva! Every day or just special occasions?

Tuesday nights are special right! :wink: Nah it’ll come out for Keirin/Motor pace nights and comps/carnivals in their entirety.

Now grab a corima tri spoke and be full bling