Track geometry

So I’ve been ‘test’ riding my new dolan and I still reckon it feels a bit short in the reach department and I’m already running a 130mm stem. I picked up a 57cm frame which according to the geo charts has a reach of 434mm, about 40mm longer than my roadie which has 395mm on which I only run a 110mm stem and feel nicely stretched out in the drops.

I can flip this bike which I have no problem with, but my problem is relying solely on geo charts online to buy the next one. A few options top out at a 56cm top tube which just seems crazy given that there are people taller than me.

My question is, why do these bikes feel so much smaller when the ‘reach’ and saddle to bar is longer by about 4cm. I am running considerably more drop on the track bike if that factors into it. Can someone please educate me?

I run a 56cm tarmac which has a 565mm TT and 395mm of reach.

Seat tubes are steeper on track bikes so that’s one way they are shorter in the reach,
Have you had a proper fit by some one?
I’d say your Dolan is way to small I’d never fit some one with that much post hey.
What is the stack on your Tarmac v Dolan

Simon from Studio de Velo did my BG Fit back in the day and put on the 56cm spesh. I haven’t had a fit done for a track bike though. The tarmac has 564mm of stack vs 500 for the dolan. So essentially for every degree of ST angle you need cm of TT?

Depends on the length of the seat tube 1deg on a 100mm seat tube is tiny 1deg over 100cm is huge.
But much more than about 300mm of saddle to bar drop is to much in my opinion. I’d post up a photo of both bikes against a wall.
How tall are you and what’s your inseam again?

Reach (as in stack and reach) is not measured from the seat tube. It’s independent of seat tube angle.

Exactly it’s from the bottom bracket but a steep seat tube will decrease the effective reach from saddle or a slack one will ride long.
Best way if similar crank length is drop a plumb bob from the tip of saddle on your road and measure to the centre of bb,
Then measure tip of saddle to the bars.
Then do set the saddle backset on your track to Match then measure it’s tip to bars

Will have a play around with that if someone doesn’t buy it off gumtree before I get around to it