Track Racing Wheels

I’m selling my racing wheels since i hardly race track anymore.

Check em’ out here:

but damoh, you were back last night!

Yeah, wasn’t much of a comeback though.

Nice wheels Damoh.

jeez, after four or five months off, you can’t expect to be smashing them!

yeah, very nice. i like the carbon laced to superbe, new meets old.
is the black shamal rim custom painted, or from factory black?

Campagnolo made a specific track Shamal:

cool, i’ve never seen the black one. i’m actually tempted to get my shamal rims painted black. vnice.

so what happened to the original track hub? or did you only ever have the rim?

Black Shamal’s were just a later model that came after the high polish silver rim with pink decals. They also dropped the road Shamal at this juncture.

I originally go the shamal as a rim. It was a bit of a headache to build-up (custom made nipples), but we all know how good Shifter Dan is with wheels, and this one is another one of his materpiece’s.

Damoh… as in 83 - eight three damoh?


Was just checking if you were the Damo that was once number 83 at minute man. Guess not.