Track ring for DA7800

I remember seeing a while ago someone making chainrings for the DA 7800 road crank. They were designed to fit in with the flared spider and clamp down on both sides. Does anyone remember who was doing them and if they did go into production?
Sure i saw it on a blog somewhere.

Try Cycle Underground

Their designs 1, 3 9 & 11 would probably look OK on a 7800 spider

Yeah that’s the other option I was thinking of but because you can’t change the spindle length the chainline would be out. The rings I’m thinking of sat so the chainline was inline with the tabs making it 42mm. I think if I do find them they’re gonna be outa the budget but I’d like to find out.

Anyone :? It was on one of the blogs ages ago.

Shimano make specific time-trial rings for the the 7800 crank. Is that what you were thinking?

Nah. It was a little firm somewhere like the states and they designed and at least prototyped a track specific ring. Looked really really good and as far as I know your wouldn’t be able to get anything stronger for the price. Could probably get cranks and ring for less than the octalink DA track set. Hooray for cheap second hand roadie stuff :smiley: