Track "tote" bags - Recommendations

I’ve put my hand up for a track bag for x-mas. I’m currently running a pretty cool “CD case style” chain ring bag and an old pencil case which do the job pretty well but you know, x-mas stuff!! Woohoo!!

So question is other than the go to Euro-Asia Tote bag which looks great and seems totally functional anyone got another recommendation, seen some obscure short run thing that would only ever be justified by “yeah I got for x-mas”… shoot

i have a chicago velo campus one. came free with my track-pack.

IMO get whatever, the differences are really only cosmetic…

custom bogear surely

Skins Grow Back do a baller one.

The EAI one pictured is identical to the bags ‘Tim Dawson’ was selling on Track cycling marketplace, expect his were branded ‘Dromestar’ or something like that.


Mmmmmmmm yes.

Also: I googled “skin grows back chainring bag” and what should come up half way down the search… dis kent! Hi Scotty

Seems your not the only one to think it… Dave :wink:

Seems to be exactly the same as the EAI hey? Any yeah their all pretty much the same, one thing I do like about the EAI/Chicago is that there’s a spot for a chain whip which others don’t seem to have… my pencil case doesn’t fit my chain whip, shits me no end.

Yeah boi!

behind the chainrings it has two tool slips / handle pockets. i have chainwhip and crankbolt/axle nut socket wrench in them.
no cut down handles required.
the long pocket on the lower section houses my allenkeys and assorted fiddlybits

I’ve got a SkinGrowsBack one. There’s ample space for a chain whip and other stuff in the zip compartments at the back (not pictured above).