track wheels

I would like to know if anyone uses the old model track wheels tht are solid like the zipp wheels of today, I was tempted to buy a pair and still have a chance tomorrow at a garage sale. They look to be made of some sort of moulded masonite .They had a brand across them that I can’t remember and were for tubuler tires.

Buy them definately if they’re not too expensive…
Any fixie hipster in Melbourne will be itching to get them off your hands if they’ve got ‘zipp’ ‘hed’ ‘spinergy’ posted on them…

They aren’t any of those brands, these are old school.

Buy them. Post a photo.

Aerospoke? They’ve been around for ages.

They’d be of limited practicality on the street if they’re tubs…

There carbon fibre, Lollipop brand about 15 yrs old only ridden on twice.

Photos, photos, photos, photos, photos, photos, photos, photos, photos, photos!

, The daggy bits around the edges is glue and tape obviously for aerodynamics. Who wants them.

I’ll take them.

Best offer?

how much are we looking at?

Thats for you guys to decide, make an offer

Front and rear? Matching?

I’ll start, $50.

Yep there matching.

$75plus postage

27" or 700c?


What to bid…what to bid… :?

There on ebay