Track Wheelset, Suzue hubs + Mavic Open Pro rims

That is pure wheel porn!

you’re not touting your own auction, are you?

There’s been a lot of that going on lately.

Sorry boys, guilty as charged.
It was more about showing people something they may not have seen before. Something a bit nice. I’ll make sure it won’t happen again.

i don’t see any issues with posting your own ebay listings here. doesn’t seem to be against rules.

best just to make it clear that it is your own.

I got no issue with people posting there own shit as long as its half relevent.

No worries, I’ll keep that in mind. Do these wheels fall in the ‘relevant’ category? I would have thought they would.

I think this one is a bit iffy. If you’ve got some old stuff you’ve had lying around i’ve got no dramas but if your knocking out wheel sets to make a buck and not paying the site royalties it’s a bit brash.

Completely understand, don’t mean to stand on your toes. Guess I’d better get a banner made up then!

What about Kid Killy? What about TC? No one calls them out.

I think this is fine. Nice build, Wheelworks.

These two fine gents you have mentioned usually offer "discounted"prices to FOA before going on the black market, And both contribute big to FOA and cycling in general.

I see a big difference here.

Nice wheels though, i think i might buy em :smiley:

Samuel, please explain?

Saving water.

Dude Soup.

i hope that wasnt after a big ride without rinsing ballsweat first…