tracklocross frame suggestions

anybody know of a fixed frame i can build up as a tracklocross, ideally something with clarance for 28mm in the rear, been looking for surly steamroller & pompino [not really track geom], any other suggestions ? id prefer to keep frame only at around 600

Soma Rush?

sweet thanks, i like the geom numbers also -steep SA, slightly reduced HA

I’ve got a mate who is looking to sell his Steamroller if you want to go down that route - 56ish I think.

yep cool which state?



If you plan to race it, i recommend adding a brake.
I know it goes against all the #fixedforlyf rules, but at some point the commissionaires are going to realise and its illegal for a bike to have no mechanical brakes in a CA or MTBA race and you’ll find yourself not allowed to race at the last moment.

what u talking about Nik, ill have a mechanical brake on it [im all about safety]-it just won’t be cabled in :), dave morgan will enjoy watching me somersault over my bars anyways

why would u put a brake on and then not cable it?

Full disclosure i love NOBR AKES.

Just to fool the race referee, some of them aren’t that smart

but why not just cable the brake,given you’ve gone to the trouble of putting one on. would make you faster.

here’s one for you. Masi SSCX $280 - medium Redirecting...

thanks good find, just a tad sml for me

what size are you after, im selling my steamroller its a size small.